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Friday, 17 September 2010

Water Use Hierarchy

As you can see from my diagram, there is a HUGE opportunity to use less water in our daily lives with the right equipment to hand. Currently we use drinking quality water -cleaned to a very high standard for everything -even flushing the toilet -which is total madness when you think about it! Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you the "Water Use Hierarchy"! [click and zoom in]

We use a lot of water but we need to be aware of what the worst things to do watering the garden with a hose and leaving the tap running whilst you brush your teeth...

How much water do we use?

80 litres = a full bath

50-65 litres = one load of laundry in the washing machine

25 litres = one load of the dishwasher

70 litre = power shower (typical use)

6 litres = (IF) you leave the tap running when you brush your teeth

35 litres = normal pressure shower (typical use)

30-40 litres = to wash the car with a bucket

6 to 13 litres = to flush the toilet (depends how old your cistern is)

400-500 litres = watering the garden with a hosepipe

400-500 litres = washing the car with a hosepipe


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