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Monday, 1 October 2012

What's in your shampoo?

The above link is a really interesting database, called EWG, that informs you about what chemicals are in your shampoo, shower gel, creams etc etc and provides informative ratings: 10 being BAD and 1 being GOOD. These ratings help to give you an indication of the ecological impact of your toiletries. Basically the more unpronounceable ingredients in your cleaning product means a higher likelihood of harm to plants, regardless of whether this water ends up in your backyard or the nearest river.

If you want to use greywater recycling, by using laundry or bathwater for watering your garden, remember that natural plant based toiletries or laundry soap will be better for the plants your garden.  Washing machines are so fast at spinning, normal laundry may require no washing powder at all! If you think I am joking why don't you try it for yourself?!  A warning about crops: do NOT spray plants you are going to eat with greywater but direct water onto the soil so that the soil can act as a natural filter as the water drains down into the ground.

In the Lake District, in Cumbria, North England, there is a campaign called "Love Your Lakes" to encourage people to choose laundry powder that avoids phosphates, as phosphates cause the growth of blue-green algae in lakes like Windermere. Blue-green algae can take over rapidly and destroy habitat for other aquatic plants and animals.  Many mainstream laundry powder labels are now getting on board with this and also look out for:

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For more information on the "Love Your Lakes" campaign see the link below: