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Friday, 12 March 2010

biking for laundry

This webpage is really interesting, this guy not only has a laundry service that save electricity and leaves him in good shape but also gives him complete control of his laundry washing waste water. this water could be used for watering plants in the garden or flushing the toilet after the spinning is over. According to using a washing machine for one load uses approximately 65 litres of water. Considering per person we use typically 150 litres per person per day this is quite a lot of water. When I was living by myself I would running the machine once a week, so recycling 65 litres, i.e collecting water from the washing machine and pouring on the garden or using it to flush the toilet etc would save roughly 6% of my water in a week, and what a workout! This is equal to about ten flushes a week saved.