Practical notes on how to save water on...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


For Blog Action Day 2010 I 'll be writing about how to save water on the 15th Oct but just for now I wanted to say the first step to saving water is actually getting a meter because having a meter shows you just how much water you are using. Saving water is just like going on a diet -like counting calories -you have to know where you're know where you are going to get to. Knowing exactly how much water you used last month really helps you to work out -am I doing OK? Could I be doing more? The average person in the UK uses about 150 litres of water every day or 0.150 cubic metres (which is what your meter will read in). So, in a month, you should use about 4.5 cubic metres per person in your house. The best new housing in the UK under something called "The Code for Sustainable Homes, Level 5 or 6", requires new houses to achieve 2.4 cubic metres per person per month. -How are YOU doing?